breath. movement. ritual. meditation. vibrations

private ceremony - healing for your heartspace. sound and energy healing, channeled meditation. work with Ashley to create an intention for the practice and beyond, you will leave with a yoga "prescription" created by Ashley for you to cultivate the seeds you have planted in the ceremony.

private community ceremony - a group sound healing includes a embodied movement and breathing practices, guided channeled meditation and an extended journey of sound.

private yoga - yoga as therapy, these sessions are a space to not only inquire deeper into your yoga practice but a time to learn practices that are just for your path. this can include breath work, movement, mediations, nourishment practices, and rituals. this is a space to create the space to trust yourself to be your own healer.  Offered individually and to groups.

channeled meditation - this is a recorded audio meditation made just for you. rest, healing, clarity, creativity, relaxation. you will meet with Ashley via phone/online and refine the intention for the mediation. This is a space for guided self hypnosis.

cacao ceremony - we drink the medicine of ceremonial cacao and open the space for deep connection with the wisdom of our bodies, heartspace, the earth and cosmos. Ashley has been pairing cacao with her sound journeys and honors the medicine she is. You may add a cacao ceremony to private and group offerings. All cacao is from San Marcos, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, is ceremonial grade, and supports the women and community she holds so close to her heart.

private sound/energy healing - $85-$145

private yoga - $85 in person/online

community ceremony - inquire

cacao ceremony - inquire

recorded channeled mediation - $55

create space for ceremony -

guided mediation and sound therapies in the space of ceremony is a deeply healing practice.

ashley's channeled mediations are a combination of ancient and modern knowledge. You are guided into a deep state of relaxation that creates space for healing in your physical, metal, emotional and spiritual bodies. In this place, your brain waves are slow to the theta and delta states, you enter a dream place, the place of your sub-conscious and unconscious minds.

Using techniques of breath, yoga nidra, meditation, and hypnosis, Ashley creates space to allow a deeper self awareness and experience deep states of alignment within the physical and subtle bodies, as well as the nervous systems and minds. 

When the body and mind are able to deeply relax, it improves functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems and balances the hemispheres of the brain. during this practice our brains enter different states of wave patterns that not only stimulate our intuition and creativity but allow us to rewrite thoughts and emotions. this promotes restful sleep, reduces stress, supports the immune system and aids cellular healing. 

See what awaits for you in the dream state.

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Along with sound and yoga these ceremonies are paired with other healing modalities.

crystal medicine

Crystals carry a steady frequency that effects the human being's fluctuating nervous system. Ashley works with crystal healing in her private sessions and also shares this healing modality through making males. these malas are one of a kind made with intention and love. she uses precious and semi precious stones knotted on silk thread for amplification. contact her to inquire

energy medicine

Ashley practices the healing modalities of reiki, light healing, and sat nam rayassan.

all offerings can be brought to your location or a space in Austin/Hill Country can be arranged depending on your desires.

ashley has traveled all over sharing the healing practices, from California to Florida, England to Guatemala.

((has gong will travel))

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