27 Jan 21

Los Angeles, CA.

In Mid-October, the publisher at B7 was bought out of the company and left to put his full efforts into creating Saint Memory, which is now officially launched. In the next few months, multiple assets from By The Seven will be acquired by Saint Memory LLC, including Social Media. We will be supporting all books designed by the company while at B7. Saint Memory will be providing major distribution for both books and merchandising with more than a dozen releases scheduled in Q1 alone. Special and limited editions printed at the resolution books were designed in will be sold through our official site and artists sites, and retail editions will be available everywhere books are sold. We will also be distributing ebooks and audiobooks everywhere worldwide.

The one thing we can promise is that the vision that was once B7 will finally be fully realized and we wish our former colleagues at that organization the best. We launch with incredible website, marketing, merchandising, design, and so much more support among 3 imprints. . We heavily invested into this future, with automatic reporting and sales strategies baked into our core.

Our publisher has worked on over 100 best sellers from poetry, art, and photography over the last six years at numerous organizations, including books for multiple new york times bestselling authors and the best selling poet in American history. He was the active publisher, designing and drafting every release at B7 since its inception in 2017, also designing and orchestrating all marketing materials and growing the social media channels to become a brand loved worldwide.

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